Mayworks Festival of Working People and the Arts is an annual multidisciplinary arts festival that celebrates working class cultures. As the longest-running labour arts festival in Canada, Mayworks continues to forge new links between artists and workers, encouraging art to inspire labour and labour to incite art. We are excited for every follower of Mayworks to participate in our 33rd Festival, which will be taking place from April 25th to May 5th, 2018. (Schedule will be posted closer to these dates, and updated on our social media pages).

For our 2018 Festival, as we celebrate the victories for workers secured by $15 and Fairness and Make It Fair campaigns, we anticipate the futures that could exist when labour and grassroots social movements work together for our collective liberation. We draw inspiration from the labour of movement building, not just as a political practice, but also a space for deep learning and radical experimentation.

Indebted to the work of revolutionary cultural movements including Afrofuturism and Indigenous Futurism, Mayworks welcomes submissions that take cues from our diverse histories to imagine the futures of work and culture from the perspectives of artists-as-workers and workers-as-artists.

As we confirm everything for the Festival, we encourage you all to check back often, and save the dates.