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On behalf of the Board, I welcome you to the Mayworks Festival of Working People and the Arts!helen

We are very proud to be the largest and oldest such Festival in Canada. We thank the Toronto community, labour organizations and our funders that continue to contribute to our success! We’d also like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our staff, proud members of CUPE 1281.

As we move forward in this age of austerity, we are also proud to support artists whose livelihood becomes more and more difficult as their work becomes more precarious. If your community or labour organizations would like to bring artistic elements to any of your future meetings, conferences, conventions, rallies or events, please give us a call!

Mayworks appreciates your support!  We look forward to seeing you during our Festival, and continuing to work with you in our joint struggle against austerity.

In Solidarity,

Helen Kennedy, Co-Chair, Board of Directors


On behalf of the Mayworks team, I welcome you to the 31st Mayworks Festival!

ameeIn 1986 Mayworks was conceived as a platform that brings to the forefront both the cultural production of artists who embrace the values of the labour movement and workers who labour in creative capacities. Thirty years and thirty-one festivals later, Mayworks continues to unite artists-as-workers and workers-as-artists by forging new fertile grounds, allowing art to inspire labour and labour to incite art.

This year we have an exciting line-up of visual and multimedia art, theatre and live performances, workshops, walking tours, film and music events. Mayworks’ programming reflects its unique distinction of being embedded in the labour movement – and its commitment to showcasing the compelling and vital work of emerging and racialized artists, queer and trans artists, and artists with disabilities.

Thank you all for your ongoing collaboration, engagement and tremendous support! Enjoy the Festival!

Amee Lê, Festival Director


“The logic of a popular cultural festival to celebrate May Day is particularly timely as Canadian workers face drastic economic and cultural pressures” wrote Founding Director, Catherine Macleod, of the 2nd annual Festival. As we celebrate the 31st Edition we applaud the resilience of Mayworks and thank those who sustain the Festival: our public funders, both the Toronto and Ontario Arts Councils, supporting our vision; our base, the steadfast jeanettesolidarity of our brothers and sisters in the labour movement; like-minded organizations purchasing ads that grace the pages of our program guide; patrons of our annual Min Sook Lee Labour Arts Awards gala and silent auction; 90+ individuals who gave to last year’s “$30 for 30” crowdfunding campaign; community partners and media outlets co-sponsoring and co-presenting our events; and of course, you, who are joining us at this year’s Festival.

Funding makes the Festival a reality. We welcome your gift. Visit us at www.mayworks.ca and click the ‘donate’ button.

Thank you!

Jeanette Body, Festival Administrator